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Predição de Variável


In pulp and paper industries, an important task is the extraction of cellulose from the wood. The production line responsible for extracting the cellulose and leaving it in the conditions required for commercialization is the fiber line. In this process, the first steps are the extraction of cellulose from the wood (cooking), the washing and delignification of the pulp (washing) and the bleaching of the pulp (bleaching).

Understand below how iOMNIA is applicable to each part of the fiber line.


The Digestor is one of the most complex equipment in the fiber line. The cooking process starts with chopping the wood. This process needs to be well controlled, analyzing the temperature, pressure, chemical reagents, wood flow and other elements, so that everything happens as expected. The receipt of the entire process takes 3h to 8h (depending on the production pace) to be completed. Only then the operator will know if the system is well controlled or not. Thus, it will have to act retroactively and, consequently, it will still have some effect on its production before stabilizing it. The presence of a predictor of the amount of by-products in the digestior output (Kappa) allows proactive actions and avoid wasting materials.


After cooking, the following process are washing and delignification. This process is responsible for removing impurities and solid residues that remain in the pulp, as well as reducing the amount of by-products that can be seen in the cellulose (delignification). It should be noted here that the final part of this process involves chemical reactions in controlled environments. Thus, just as for the digester, it is important to know in advance how the exit of this stage will be to keep it stable at the desired point of operation. This can be performed with iOMNIA, by the Kappa predictor of delignification.


The last process of the fiber line is bleaching. After cleaning the pulp during the washing process, it is still dark. The commercialized cellulose usually has whiter tones and that is why it is necessary to light it in the bleaching process. Thus, several chemical reactions are performed in a chain (processes involving acids and bases). iOMNIA allows you to understand what situation the process is moving towards to take corrective actions as quickly as possible. For this, brightness predictors are used at various points in the process, helping operations to antecipate demands that could have a high cost impact if done later on.

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